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که محصولی امنیتی مبتنی بر سیستم عامل FreeBSD می باشد.

تمامی عملکردهای امنیتی تجهیزات گران قیمت دیواره­ های آتش و UTM را تأمین می نماید که در زیر برخی از رئوس آنها ارائه شده است :

  • Limit simultaneous connections on a per-rule basis
  • Advanced passive OS/network fingerprinting & per OS rule-sets
  • Log traffic matching each rule.
  • Highly flexible policy routing possible by selecting gateway on a per-rule basis (for load balancing, failover, multiple WAN, etc.)
  • Grouping and naming of IPs, networks and ports
  • Packet normalization – normalization of packets so there are no ambiguities in interpretation by the ultimate destination of the packet.
  • Disable filter
  • On a per-rule basis:State table optimization options
    • Limit simultaneous client connections
    • Limit states per host
    • Limit new connections per second
    • Define state timeout
    • Define state type
    • Network Address Translation (NAT) & Port Address Translation (PAT)
    • Stateful Redundancy
    • Load Balancing
    • CPU utilization
    • Total throughput
    • Firewall states
    • Individual throughput for all interfaces
    • Packets per second rates for all interfaces
    • WAN interface gateway(s) ping response times
    • Traffic shaper queues on systems with traffic shaping enabled
    • Protections against denial of service.
    • Disconnect clients who are idle for more than the defined number of minutes.
    • Force disconnect of all clients after the defined number of minutes.
    • RADIUS capabilities
    • HTTP or HTTPS
    • Pass-through MAC and IP addresses
    • Use a VPN
    • Restricted Firewall Access
    • Use HTTPS
    • Move the WebGUI to an Alternate port
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • RRD Graphs
  • Real Time monitoring reports
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Advanced Captive Portal
  • DHCP Server and Relay
  • Wireless Access Point (Must install a Wi-Fi interface)
  • URL Filtering
  • Traffic Shaping
  • Anti-Virus filtering web access with the use of HAVP
  • Cache as a Transparent Proxy
  • Sniffers, Packet Capture, IDS
  • Install as Embedded image
  • Remote Configuration Backup
  • Secure Remote firewall Administration
  • Restrict access to management interface
  • Copying Logs to a Remote Host with Syslog

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